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Institutional programs for:

Accelerators, Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, Startup Events, VC Funds, Educational Institutions, etc.

For your participating startups

  • Introductory online mentorship session to discuss the program and learn key basic concepts
  • 10 training modules with interactive videos
  • Game-based learning assessment tools
  • Frequently asked questions from potential investors and Pitch competition judges
  • Two writen reviews of your recorded pitch with feedback from our mentors and experts
  • Individual online mentorship session with one of our mentors
  • Demo day simulations
  • Access to the Membership Community

For your Program Manager

  • We provide KPIs and management reports to measure the success of the program and the engagement of each participating startup.
  • Possibility of ranking each entrepreneur or executive participating in our program according to pre-defined KPIs
  • Customizing the training journey to your program’s specific needs